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B2B transactions today are still driven by the sending of PDFs attached to emails - an outdated way to do business which works well for nobody. savvi is a collaboration platform which enables buying teams and sales teams to share, access and collaborate on transaction related information in real time - thus accelerating B2B transactions.


It’s time to accelerate your B2B transactions.

Forget the chaos of your inbox; save time and effort with savvi. savvi puts all the information needed to drive your business transactions at your fingertips, from within a single platform.

Start collaborating in minutes and stand out

Create a stunning savvi board in less time than it takes you to write an email with attachments. Stand out and make an instant impression.

Track progress and interact in real time

Get instant feedback when others are engaging with your information. Collect the data you need to understand how to progress the transaction.

Engage all teams and move fast

Collaborate internally and externally using a modern online experience.
Add, reply and resolve comments to reach agreement - fast.

You ask - we answer

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use savvi when we have Salesforce [or insert your favourite CRM tool] already to help us drive sales?

Let’s be honest - zero value is added to the B2B sales process by CRM tools such as Salesforce. As a result sales teams don’t use these tools regularly which means the data is generally inaccurate as it’s never current. CRM tools promised to help sales teams be more efficient but all they really got was a load of unwanted admin. savvi is the tool sales teams use to share information and collaborate with the buying team to drive the transactions to completion.

Will savvi help me improve forecast accuracy?

Absolutely - forecasts today are based largely on the subjective view of a sales person. No matter how experienced you are it is difficult to really predict sales based on customer conversations whether in person or over email. As savvi tracks what both the supplier team and the buying team are doing, savvi will measure the level of engagement based on real information, collected in real time. This information can be used to predict the chances of a successful transaction. The aim of savvi is for sales people never to submit a forecast again but for savvi to give you a view of the likelihood of closing the transaction.

Is savvi a digital sales room?

No. It may appear to be a digital sales room however these are built purely to help the sales team. savvi is a tool which benefits both buyers and suppliers equally. It is a completely new concept which accelerates B2B transactions to the benefit of both parties.

Will buying teams also be able to use savvi to start buying processes?

Yes - our vision is for buyers to be able to use savvi as well to start purchasing processes whether that is with a sole supplier or a multi supplier process through an RFI/RFP. savvi will take a big chunk of work away from the buying team by coordinating the responses as well as collecting & aggregating the data from each supplier.

I’m a buyer and am always on the hunt for new suppliers. Can I find them in savvi?

Yes - soon! savvi is a data rich environment with real information shared by real suppliers with other buyers. Everything from case studies and white papers to proposals will be stored in the savvi platform. Our vision is for you as a buyer to be able to find suppliers based on a search criteria defined by you. Rest assured, no confidential information will be shared of course such as pricing and terms & conditions - only detail pertaining to the products or service a particular supplier can evidently provide as proven by the information shared with other buyers inside savvi.

I'm a supplier - will savvi be easy for my clients to use?

savvi has been uniquely designed with both buyers and suppliers of technology products and services in mind. It’s designed to be immediately accessible with a low barrier to entry, so you can rest assured your clients will love it as much as you do. A buyer specific version of savvi is due in the coming months.

When will savvi be generally available?

savvi.co has launched in BETA for certain priority users. Sign up now to  a wider BETA in early September. Our aim is to release savvi for general access in early 2023.

How much does savvi cost?

All users who sign up during the BETA period will be able to use savvi for free for that period. The pricing structure for the final product will be revealed once the product is generally available to all users. BETA users will receive preferential pricing after savvi is available to all users.

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Enables buying and selling teams to share, access, collaborate and track transaction progress in a single place.

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Track progress in real time

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